Monday, April 4, 2016

Megan's Letter 4/4/16

Okay we had a crazy amazing week!

First off I want to tell y'all about a cool experience we had! We were over at Charlotte's for a lesson when her best friend, Jennifer, made a surprise entrance... And now we are teaching her! Charlotte has been an incredible member missionary. We are excited to see what happens! Also President Hanks came on a team up with us later in the week! We were on exchanges with the STLs, so I wasn't in that lesson. BUT he invited both James and Jennifer to be baptized if they found what we've been sharing to be true, and they both said yes! President Hanks has such a powerful presence. I'm so grateful for his help this week!

After that lesson we all met back at the apartment. The Elders knocked on the door to get their bikes back from us- and right in that moment the weather radio went off! 


The sirens started to go off outside! We called the Zone Leaders and they told us to have the Elders come into our apartment and take cover! We followed the usual drill (bike helmets, bath tub, mattress on top.) The Elders were in one bathroom and all four of us girls were stuffed in the other tiny bath tub! The warning didn't last too long but the Elders had to stay until the weather calmed down. We ended up playing the game of Life and I made Mac and Cheese for everyone (:​

Okay General Conference was AMAZING. Seriously, we are so blessed to have a living prophet and apostles!

I loved President Uchtdorfs talk! He started out by showing a beautiful church that had been destroyed in a bombing, and how man later rebuilt it. I loved how he likened that to how the Lord takes us from rubble, and turns us into something more beautiful than we were to begin with! I have such a testimony of this. Heavenly Father lets us go through trial and heartache, so that He can lift us higher than we've ever been! That was just one of the things that stood out to me.

I hope that y'all took some good things from conference this year, and that you share them with others! Member missionary work people!! Have a good week everyone (: LOVE YOU!

-Sister Merrill

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