Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Megan's letter 2/1/2016

Hi everyone! This week has been amazing and hard... But mostly good (:
     We had an incredible lesson with Erik this week! A complete turn around from where he was last lesson. He ended up being the one who asked to set a date for his baptism! Sadly two days later he changed his mind. He has decided that there is no need for a second baptism because he doesn't think someone holding the priesthood is any different than the pastor that baptized him. We have been really sad, but he met with our Bishop yesterday and has promised to keep considering it. Also, he wrote a rap about Jesus and totally talks about us in it!!! SO FUNNY. I'll include it so y'all can listen to it. He may or may not mention being in love with us in it... Just ignore that (:

          We have a baptism set on the 12th for our homeless friend Maurice! Yesterday we taught him the Word of Wisdom and he did not want to give up sweet tea. Sister Patten bravely volunteered me to quit drinking Dr.Pepper (which is basically water to me) if he would stop drinking sweet tea! He agreed so I guess I will have to follow through hahaha. Wish me luck!
     Well that's basically all I have to report back on this week. Transfer calls came and I get to stay in Florence with Sister Patten. I couldn't be happier about it (: Moroni 8:25-26 has my heart this week! Love y'all, hope all is well.
-Sister Merrill

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