Thursday, January 28, 2016

 Megan's letter Jan. 25, 2016
This week was so good! And busy. 
The Worldwide Missionary Broadcast was on Wednesday. It was so cool to be watching the same thing as all the other missionaries in the world! My favorite part was a discussion by Elder Bednar. He taught us how we can bring the gospel UNTO the hearts of our investigators, but only they can bring it INTO their hearts. He also talked about the Holy Ghost and how we have to be obedient and worthy if we want the spirit to work through us as missionaries. I know obedience is sooo important and that miracles happen here when we are following the ALL of the rules and staying worthy.

Interviews were on Thursday in Tupelo, Mississippi! I love President and Sister Hanks. He trained us on having a strong presence as missionaries and it's something I'm excited to work on.

We have been teaching this cute couple lately! They are so sweet and open to our message. We had an amazing lesson where we answered a lot of questions they have had their whole lives! They will be at church next week hopefully. At one of the lessons the wife shared with us a scripture from the Book of Mormon that helped her on a hard night.... SO COOL! Alma 37:45

We have also been seeing an investigator named Maurice a lot! We met him at the library. He is very humble and receptive. He is homeless but has a job and is just waiting for an apartment complex to accept his application! He came with us to a baptism in Russellville and he loved it. The spirit was so strong. We kept saying "Maurice this is exactly what your baptism will look like!" Haha I guess it worked because we set a baptismal date with him yesterday. He is going to be baptized on February 12th which is actually his birthday! Obviously we will have a birthday party for him afterwards (:

Also, the whole state shuts down at the sight of snow! So funny because it didn't even stick! They even have snow days for school if the forecast says it might snow hahaha. 

The work is going so great! I love my comp, I love Florence, I love the gospel. Life is good! I love y'all, have a good week!

-Sister Merrill

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