Monday, December 5, 2016

Megan's Letter 12/5/16

I had to say bye to everyone in Madison this week! I also had the opportunity to teach Diana one last time. It's hard to leave people who are progressing so well, but I know she will stay on this path she's on. (:

Transfers were on Wednesday and MLC was on Friday! Sister Saatkamp is my new companion. She is so sweet. (:

I can't believe it's been one whole year since I left. Time flies.

Well my first week in Millbrook we had a baptism so I guess we are off to a good start!(; Just kidding I didn't have to do anything for this one. Danielle is so sweet! She was brought to the gospel by her dad at the lowest point in her life. Sometimes God gives us trials to humble us, that way we can see the truth. (: Her little boy Jackson is 8 and wants to take the lessons now!

Last night was the Christmas Devotional! My favorite talk was by Brother Douglas D. Holmes. He talked about God's infinite gifts to us that we often times leave unopened! One of those gifts is the Holy Ghost. He said that the Holy Ghost is how God's love is made manifest to us. I have seen that same spirit change people as they embrace the gospel into their lives. 

This month our goal as a mission is to have a "White Christmas". We are working really hard to get people to the font or to the temple! I was recruited to make the sign that'll go on everyone's doors. That was fun. (:

Christmas is coming soon! I hope everyone has been participating in the church's "Light the World" initiative. I promise if you do your Christmas will be much more meaningful! Talk to y'all next week. (:

-Sister Merrill

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