Monday, October 3, 2016

Megan's Letter 10/3/16

Here's a couple pictures from my exchange with Sister Anderson (:

And then a blitz with cute Sister Ward in Decatur!(:

We spent some time with Kylie again this week! She has been working on reading the Book of Mormon every day. It's awesome to watch her slowly gain more interest in the stories and relate them to her own life (:

GUYS. This is Diana. She is one of the greatest miracles I've seen my whole mission! Her neighbor invited her to come to church and so far she has been 3 times! She absolutely loves it. We finally got to meet with her at her home week. She is the most prepared person for the gospel that I've ever met. She is planning to be baptized on October 15th and hopes that her husband and 9 year old grandson will join her in the font! We have an appointment with all three of them on Wednesday. What an incredible blessing to know her and have the opportunity to teach her!

Okay General Conference was AMAZING. Seriously Conference feels like Christmas on the mission! I have a new passion for it that I never had back home (sorry Dad). My very favorite talk was by Robert D. Hales. I loved the concept that if we love the Savior more, we truly will suffer less! I have had great examples in my life who have taught me that joy can be found through any trial.

Another favorite of mine was David A. Bednar's in the Sunday afternoon session! He brought to light the Joseph Smith translations from the verse that says "I never knew you" to "you never knew me". That brought so much comfort to me to realize that no matter how far we stray from the Savior, He will always know us perfectly. It also helped me want to know the Savior more, rather than just know about Him.

I'm so grateful for a living Prophet and  Apostles. When you hear them speak, you can't deny the authority from God in their words. I love that we have the church on the earth just as Christ set up when He was here! I love y'all and I hope you spend some time reading over the conference talks we were uplifted by this past weekend. I promise that you will find more joy as you apply the counsel to your every day lives! Have a great week y'all. (:

-Sister Merrill 

PS we went to the N.A.S.A. Space and Rocket Center today and had a blast!!

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