Monday, March 21, 2016

Megan's Letter 3/21/16

In Memory of the dearly departed: Sister Madeleine Patten

Today we honor the (mission) life and (mission) death of a true disciple of Christ. Over the course of her time in Alabama, Maddie touched the hearts of many- including her favorite companion, Sister Merrill.

We recognize that for every missionary, this life must eventually come to an end. Sadly Sister Patten was needed on the other side (of the country). We accept the fact that there are bigger and better things waiting for her in this next life (probably marriage in the next 6 months).

NAH just kidding. But seriously, my heart is being ripped to shreds as Sister Patten heads back home to Utah. I am so very grateful for her example to me! She is truly one of THE best friends I have ever had. Friends look out for her at UVU (:

On a happier note, CHARLOTTE GOT BAPTIZED😄

It couldn't have gone better. I have never met anyone more prepared to accept the gospel.

She asked me to draw her a picture that she can stitch onto her church bag.
She said: "I want a gate like the gate of baptism leading to a house- that would represent the church, and then the path to keep goin to the temple, then up to heaven."
So I drew this picture for her and I hope she likes it!

In other exciting news, transfer calls came on Saturday! I am going to be staying in Florence and TRAINING next transfer! I feel so under qualified, but I know that the Lord will help me every step of the way. I am so excited to meet Sister Hintze!

This coming Sunday is Easter, and the church came out with a new video this year! It's called #Hallelujah and everyone should go watch it. It is really good, but my favorite Easter video is still the one called "Because of Him" from a few years ago.

 I am so beyond grateful that the Savior conquered both spiritual and physical death, so that we can too. I hope everyone takes some time to recognize what Jesus Christ did for us, and celebrate His resurrection this Easter Season.

I love y'all! Talk to you next week.

-Sister Merrill

P.S. This picture is the Alabama Birmingham Mission in a nutshell... and I love it (:

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