Monday, December 28, 2015

Megan's Letter 12/28/2015

Hey guys!!
     Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Mine was way good cause of you! Thank you for the packages. It was so good to talk to you even though it's been like three weeks haha. This week has been pretty good! We went tracting on Saturday and found two pretty solid people who wanted to come to church! We were so excited. We went with a member to pick them up but the first guy was asleep.. and the other lady was awake but didn't answer the door. So that was kind of a bummer but I know I'll need to get used to that happening! Today we had a zone activity in Florence. We played a lot of games and it was fun! We had a really cool devotional after about inviting people to baptism every time you hand out a BOM. It's safe to say I need to learn to be more brave when it comes to those things (: But I'm excited to try it!

    SO for all of you reading this that I didn't have the chance to tell. I ALMOST DIED IN A TORNADO. Okay, not really. But it was pretty scary! We were headed to a meal appointment at a members when we were told to do the tornado drill! (get in the bath tub with your bike helmets on and put the mattress over your heads.) But we figured the members house was safer since they had a basement, so we went there. A little while after that the tornado sirens outside started to go off! THEN President Hanks gave us a personal call telling us we needed to get in the basement now because the tornado was headed directly towards Florence! It was pretty funny cause the whole family was packed in the bathroom in the basement with us. Me and Sister Patten were crammed up against the toilet! I sent a few pics. Turns out the tornado passed right over us and we were fine! It did touch down in Corinth though which is where I had been earlier that day on an exchange. I think three kids died there so that was way sad. I was pretty nervous the entire time but I guess it made for an interesting first week in the field!

     Oh one funny thing that happened this week was with a former investigator named Tina. She had previously agreed to be baptized but then her family convinced her that the Word of Wisdom was crazy. She is 60 but she is super unhealthy and has a paralyzed vocal cord so she looks and acts like shes 80! We got a call from her the other night at 2:45 am!!! She was trying to leave us a voicemail telling us she was back in the hospital and wants us to visit but it woke us up. It was pretty funny though because I was so tired that I told her we were already awake. We went and visited her yesterday but her sister (who we've never met) was there. the first thing she told us was that she's Methodist! A couple minutes later she left. We started talking to Tina when the nurse came in with her food! There was also a glass of ice tea but since she doesn't want to be baptized we didn't say anything. Before we know it her sister marches back in the room, picks up the tea, and puts it right in front of Tina. Then she said: "Tina honey you eat everything on this plate. You drink all this sweet tea, it is holy and blessed by the Lord." Then she walked back out. So that was pretty awkward hahahaha.

     Well anyway it was a pretty crazy week and I can't wait for things to calm down so we can be more focused on tracting and teaching! I love it here and I couldn't be happier (: LOVE Y'ALL! Have a good week!

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