Monday, December 21, 2015

Megan's Letter 12/21/2015

Okay I'm still getting used to y'all, but I figured it's easier to just accept it now.
I am IN LOVE with Florence, Alabama. It's crazy how big this mission is and how far apart we are from other areas! I'm supposed to do exchanges tomorrow with an STL in Corinth which is an hour and a half away! It should be interesting. Can't say I'm super excited to sleep in another sisters bed though hahaha.
 I thought the first week was supposed to be hard!? Guess I just got super lucky with the best companion and the best area. My comps name is Sister Maddie Patten. She only has two transfers left!! She is from Springville, Utah. I love her so much! We get along so well and I'm learning so much from her! Sadly she was sick on Friday and some of Saturday so we spent a lot of time in the apartment and never went tracting until yesterday! We are in a car basically all the time unless the Elders need to borrow it. Knocking doors was scary at first but I'm already learning to be more comfortable being uncomfortable if that makes sense haha. 
This is such an incredible time of year to be spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ! We get to share the Christmas video ( A Savior is Born) with basically everyone we meet! It's perfect because everyone here is just super open about talking about Jesus haha! So we tell them we have a Christmas message about Christ and they usually love it! We got three new investigators yestrerday! So much can happen in an hour of knocking doors. 
Okay so I have a weird story to tell! When we were tracting yesterday we had an... interesting.. experience. This lady let us in and she was pretty Old and super ghetto southern. She had black hair with white grown out roots! She invited us in and introduced us to her daughter and her daughters partner haha. We shared the video and she responded really well! We thought it was going great. All of the sudden she started telling us about how she has been like basically possessed by the spirit when praying and possessed by 37 demons. Then she talked to us about how she was a stripper and how she calls her nipple her third eye.... We all basically had the same feeling to get out of there ASAP so we did! So yeah that's Alabama! HAH. Just kidding there are also a lot of normal nice people. Southern Hospitality is the greatest. Also we met the CUTEST couple last night that we are obsessed with. They do the worship service (church music) at a church called The Arc here. They are the most hipster couple I've ever met hahaha we adore them. They don't have much potential since the husbands Dad is the pastor but they want to be friends with us which is cute.(:
I'm excited for Christmas and to talk to you guys! I'll try to get that all figured out ASAP and let you know. We may have to call later in the day since our appointment is at the Bishops for dinner that day. Well I love you all and I hope you have the best Christmas! Don't forget who it's about (: Go watch the video I mentioned earlier if you haven't seen it yet! MERRY CHRISTMAS I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
PS I saw  Chase Evenson a ton my last few days in the MTC! He's the best.

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