Monday, February 6, 2017

Megan's Letter 2/6/17

Hey y'all! This week was good and busy- just the way we like it!

Last week my backpack broke, so we went to the mall to get a new one! We found one in PayLess and we struck up a conversation with the cashier. Her name is Ashley and we have had 3 lessons with her since then! What a miracle. I'm so glad my bag broke. (:

We have been working with an 11 year old named Shawn! His grandparents are members and they bring him to church every week. He expressed to them his desire to be baptized and we have been teaching him ever since! He always asks the best questions in our lessons. Ignore their faces in this picture.... I promise they like us!!!

Zone Conference was on Tuesday! We had to pull over on some random road in Mississippi when we saw this sign. (:

Yesterday in Relief Society we had a lesson on Optimism! It got me thinking about an article I read in the January ensign about President Hinckley. I loved this quote by him:

“I have seen a good deal of this earth. … I have been in areas where war rages and hate smolders in the hearts of people. I have seen the appalling poverty that hovers over many lands. … I have watched with alarm the crumbling morals of our society.

And yet I am an optimist. I have a simple and solemn faith that right will triumph and that truth will prevail.”

I am so grateful for the choice we have to be positive! I'm not always perfect at it, but I am trying my best to be an optimist too. (: Have a great week!!

-Sister Merrill

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